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Holy Torah - The Blueprint of the Universe
If Torah was authored by a Higher Wisdom, shouldn't there be something in the text that proves that? Absolutely, G-d has left His signature within the Ancient Texts.

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Our Mission Statement.

The purpose of this website is to provide substantial evidence that the Holy Torah was given to us by G-d, and that no other "holy" texts come even close to it. When I say "Holy Torah" I mean the written Torah and the oral Torah. The written Torah is the written text of the Pentateuch which was given to Moshe (Moses) our teacher on Mount Sinai. Together with the written Torah, Moshe received the explanations and the details of the written Torah. That explanation has come to be known as the Oral Torah, because this information was passed down from teacher to student and father to son, verbally for about one and a half millennium.

This website is intended exclusively for Jews.  It is not my goal to convert non-Jews to Judaism.  In fact, Judaism is the only religion that tolerates other religions. Christians say that one must accept Jesus as the savior in order to go to heaven. Muslims says that one must accept Muhammad as a prophet in order to go to paradise.  Judaism teaches, that a non-Jew can go to paradise without converting to Judaism, as long as he/she is a descent human being and observes the seven moral laws that G-d has given to Noah.  Our purpose is only to strengthen the faith of our fellow Jews towards our Holy Torah.

This website is intended to be user interactive, so if you have made your own amazing discoveries please let me know. Write them to me, and we’ll post them, but please include sources.  Also, each statement has a voting option, so that users can give their opinions about the strength of each statement.  Also, if you want to argue about a certain point or source, I’d like to hear.
The evidence brought down in this website should convince a reader that the Holy Torah was given to the Jewish people by G-d himself.  If the evidence does not convince you or someone, that does not mean that the evidence is not strong, it just means that you do not want to be convinced. Just like there are holocaust deniers, even though there is prove, there are G-d deniers even though there is prove.

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