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"A Jew who does not believe in miracles is not a realist." David Ben Gurion
Why is the Jew that does not believe in miracles is unrealistic? Because the survival of two thousand year persecution, exile and hatred is nothing less than a miracle.

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Measure for measure.

I was making fun of my sister for being scared of lizards, and a lizard fell on my head from the door frame, as I was laughing at her. It was the only time a lizard ever fell on my head, and it was the only time I ever made fun of someone being scared of lizards. Needless to say I was running around the house--not fun.

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G-d's signature.

I was stuck in an ancient well for two days. I tried very hard climbing up and after losing all my energy fell down one last time. I gave up all hope of surviving. I took a step to go lie down in my corner. I saw blood from my foot on the ground realizing that i was cut. I thought I was going to die from infection. I looked at the blood and it formed only the letters Chet and Yud, spelling חי (life). I knew for sure I would be rescued. Fifteen minutes later a group of soldiers on a rare tour arrived and saved me. I took a film of blood-letters on my phone (which had no reception). It may not be seen as well in the film because of the flash light uneven reflection on the wet blood, but up close it was the two unmistakable letters.

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G-d helped with Sabbath observance.

This happened about ten years ago, when I was starting to observe Sabbath. I woke up Sabbath morning and opened the refrigerator. The light went on and I now had a big problem. I could not close the door because this (causing the light to go off) would be a violation of Sabbath. I was in a dilemma: On the one hand I did not want to violate Sabbath, on the other, all the food that my mom prepared was going to get spoiled. After thinking for a few seconds, i've decided "G-d has put me into this situation. I did not know the light will go on, so I'll do my part." I chose not to close the door. After about thirty seconds, the bulb starts blinking and shuts off. At that moment, I felt like G-d was somewhere in the room, around me. I've unscrewed the light-bulb and shut the refrigerator door. After Sabbath, has ended I've put the light bulb back into the refrigerator and it was working again. Until today, I do not understand exactly how this happened, but it definitely strengthened my faith.

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G-d of Rabbi Meir, Answer me.

I was rinsing out my contact-lens case and decided to toss the liquid out the second-floor apartment window. Soon, I've realized, that one of my contact lenses was in the case and I threw it out the window. I started to panic, because contact lenses are very expensive in Israel and my parents could not afford to buy a new set. I've ran out the door and started searching. After searching and searching I've realized that it is going to be impossible to find a tiny, clear lens in a large grassy area. All of the sudden, my sister reminded me to say the prayer "Eloka deRabbi Meir, anenni" (G-d of Rabbi Meir, answer me). This prayer is said three times, when someone is searching for something he/she can't find. I've said the prayer, and promised to put some money into tsedaka (charity box). Not even two seconds went by, and I've realized that I was staring at my contact lens lying on the grass.

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G-d - The ultimate Doctor.

My wife was pregnant with our newest daughter. The doctors through, ultra-sound and a blood test determined that she had a high probability that the baby would be a Down Syndrome baby. She underwent a procedure called Amniocentesis to determine if the baby would be healthy or not. The results as we live in a 3rd world country, could take 4-6 weeks to get the results. I was on my way to the airport to fly to Hong Kong and I got a phone call from her that she spoke to the Doctor and the results were negative and the baby was perfectly healthy. I had prayed a lot about this and was praying daily Shacharit and Marriv. So I made a commitment to also Doven Minchah starting that day. When I arrived to Hong Kong I went to the Chabad Center there and Dovened my first Minchah (non-shabbat.) After Minchah, the Rabbi gave a Devar and it was
about a man and a women who have a child which has a disability and why Hashem
wishes to do this. No one could have known about this and discussed with him before hand. I feel that it was Hashem's signature regarding the miracle that had happened to me early that day. Both the Miracle and the "Signature" strengthened my faith and my Love, Fear and Respect for the Creator of all things.

Submitted by: Yachiel (